Reasons for Solid State Drive Failure

In last few years, Solid State Drives are preferred over traditional hard drive due to various factors such as SSD consume less power, more stable and faster. But it does not mean SSDs are flawless and have no issues. As we know that there are no physical platters in SSD but it is not only responsible for hard drive failure. In case of power failure or power surge, you may lose data due to solid state drive failure.

What are the signs for Solid State Drive failure?

The solid state drive manifest various signs before failure. You can take precautionary measures to save your data under such circumstances. Let’s see the signs for SSD failure:

Corrupted Data: The files can’t open or missing from hard drive in case of SSD failure. It is one of the most usual scenarios for drive failure.

Increased Bad Sectors: It is a sector or subsection of a physical disc on the drive which is damaged and no longer responding to read and write operation. When the number of bad sectors increases then then it means you may have SSD failure in future.

Noises from Drive: The SSD and normal hard drives operates silently in the normal condition. However, the sound becomes loud when solid state drives are prone to failure. It is a clear indication to backup all important files from hard drive.

Slow Transfer Rate: It is an early sign for solid state drive failure. However, it could be an issue related to other hardware problems like RAM. But it is a wise decision to create backup all data from hard drive in such severe condition.

What steps should be taken after SSD failure?

There are few steps that help users in recovering data from SSD. Follow the below mentioned steps in order to recover data:

  1. When the performance of solid state drive is degrading or consuming more time to transfer files and folder then it is a clear to prepare backup data on external drive. In case of drive failure, you can easily replace lost data with new ones.
  2. Data recovery software can also be employed to recover files from failed hard drive. With the use of Remo Recover utility, it is easy to restore different types in simple and effective steps. Benefits of this recovery tool are mentioned below:
  • Compatible on all the versions of Windows and Mac based machine
  • Restore more than 300 files types including RAW files from different brands of cameras
  • Apart from SSD recovery, it is recovers files from memory card, USB drive, external HDD, etc.
  • Save Recovery Session is a special feature of this tool that allows user to resume recovery process.

How to Recover Data from Hard Drive Having Fatal Device Error?

Getting error message on WD hard drive “the request failed due to fatal device hardware error” while accessing data. It is really a frustrating situation for me as I am unable to read data stored data in hard drive. I want access to all my data stored in hard drive now. Please suggest me how to recover data from hard drive with fatal device error in a reliable way.

If you are under condition, don’t worry I am here to fix fatal device hardware error in an efficient way. WD elements fatal device hardware error recover data can be easily performed with the use of Remo Recover tool. You can install this program on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac based machines. It is safe and user-friendly tool to recover data from Western Digital hard drives as well as SanDisk, Toshiba, Kingston, Buffalo and many more.

Benefits of Remo Recover Tool

  • This software can be installed and launched on all the versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. It helps user to recover more than 300 file types with few mouse clicks.
  • It is 100 percent secure in recovering data from Western Digital hard drives. Using this software, you are able to retrieve data from corrupted, damaged and formatted hard drives.
  • Demo version is available online so that users can check the performance of this tool. With this feature, you can recover 1GB of data for free.
  • Remo Recover tool supports data recovery from different hard drive interfaces such as IDE, SCSI, SATA and ATA. It recovers files from NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT file systems.

However, it is possible to fix the issue with the manual steps also. Let’s have a look on the steps to repair the hard drive that has fatal device hardware error.

  1. Open Search Box and type cmd
  2. Right Click on cmd to Run as administrator
  3. Now type CHKDSK/F and press enter
  4. Check disk automatically fix the error in hard drive
  5. With CHKDSK/R, you can scan drive and perform bad sector recovery

Still you are facing problem then employ above mentioned tool to recover data from Western Digital hard drives. The software provides 24*7 support to the customers via emails and chats to solve their queries.

Master File Table Recovery

CHKDSK aborted corrupt master file table. Windows cannot recover master file table Windows 10. Is there any way to recover files from MFT without any issue. Please help me”.

There are many reasons responsible for corruption of master file table hard drive. Bad sectors is one of the major reasons for corruption. Once you get such issues, you immediately Run CHKDSK in order to solve the problem as soon as possible. But sometimes CHKDSK fails to fix the issue and an error message pop up on screen “Windows cannot recover master file table. CHKDSK aborted.” In such condition, you can follow below mentioned steps and check whether it helps.

  • You may boot to Safe Mode and check whether problem still persist. For Safe Mode in Windows 10, Search “System Configuration” in Cortana > Go to Boot tab > Select Safe Boot option > Press Apply and then Restart button in order to switch to Safe Mode
  • Once you enter to Safe Mode, you need to run CHKDSK/R until the process is completed. Follow the commands to run CHKDSK:
  1. Search “cmd” in Cortana and right click on Command Prompt to Run as Administrator
  2. You need to enter admin password. Type password and click on continue
  3. In command prompt, type chkdsk/r and you able to fix the issue

If this steps also unable to fix the issue then you need to use reliable third party tool. Remo Recover is an advanced tool to perform data recovery from corrupt master file table CHKDSK aborted error in Windows 10. Apart from MFT recovery, you can also recover data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file systems. It is capable of recovering data from hard drive partitions as well as external hard drives. Demo version of Remo Recover software is easily available on website so that users can purchase and recover data from master file table.

Other data loss scenarios where Remo Recover Software is applicable

  • Data loss due to improper file transfer
  • Formatting or reformatting of hard drive
  • File system corruption or virus infection
  • Use of unreliable software on computer
  • Error while installation of operating system

Precautionary measures to secure MFT corruption

  • Never employ unreliable application to recover files from corrupt MFT
  • Use reliable antivirus software to prevent data loss from MFT hard drive
  • Keep proper backup of important files when you come across any disk warning

Steps to recover files from corrupt master file table chkdsk aborted error

Step I: Download trial version of Remo Recover tool in your Windows 10 system. Launch the application in order to perform data recovery from corrupt master file table.

Step II: Choose Recover Drives from main screen and select Partition Recovery. Choose drive which prompts error corrupt master file table chkdsk aborted.

Step III: Start file recovery by simply pressing next arrow. You are able to preview recovered files with the demo version. In order to save recovered data from master file table, you need to upgrade the tool with the licensed version.

Restore your Missing or Erased Files from Portable HDD in Few Clicks

Have you lost your crucial files from your portable hard drive? Or else, have you accidentally deleted few essential files of you, while deleting unwanted files and folders on your portable HDD? After this mistake, if you are worrying how to recover data from portable hard drive, then here is an excellent and simple solution to recover data from portable hard drive. Just continue reading to learn how to get data back from external hard disk drives

Prior going to know how to perform data recovery from portable hard drive, it is important to know the reasons behind loss or deletion of files. So that, you can be careful and try to avoid these mistakes in future

  1. Accidental deletion: The files that are deleted from portable hard drives are not moved to Trash folder. So, the files that are deleted accidentally or intentionally gets erased permanently. You may delete few crucial files by mistake while removing unwanted files and folders from your HDD
  2. Formatting: Formatting is the other main reason behind data loss from portable HDD. At times, when you want to format a particular logical drive of your HDD, and in hurry you may format a wrong drive that leads to deletion of entire files from that drive
  3. File system corruption: When your portable hard drive suffer from logical errors due to its file system corruption, then it can lead to inaccessible of the drive. As a result of this, you won’t be able to access the files from that respective drive
  4. File transfer interruption: At times, while you are transferring files from portable HDD to your Mac system or vice versa, if your system suddenly shutdown due to power outage or other reasons, then it can result in deletion of few files from portable HDD
  5. Other reasons: Virus infection on the hard drive, bad sectors, deletion by third party tools, reformatting, etc. are the other common reasons behind data loss from portable hard drives

You can avoid these data loss scenarios by taking two or more copies of your crucial files on your computer or other storage devices. So, it is recommended to maintain regular backup of all the important files and folders. In case, if you have neglected taking data backup and come across any of the above mentioned scenarios, then need not worry! Immediately stop using your portable hard drive to avoid overwriting on lost or deleted files with new files. If you save new files on the logical drive from where you lost your files, then it reduces the chance of recovery. Then, immediately go for proper and reliable data recovery tool to recover data from portable hard drive

Data recovery from portable hard drive:

Remo Recover is a perfect portable hard drive recovery tool to restore lost or deleted files. No matter whatever may be the reasons behind data loss, it effortlessly recovers all kinds of files such as Word documents, PPT files, spreadsheets, videos, images, audio files, etc. from external hard drive. The trial edition of this software is available for free download, just download and install the software on your Mac system and run it. The demo version helps you in evaluating the performance of the tool before you actually purchase its complete version. Once the software scans your hard drive and successfully recovers your files, it allows you to preview the files in File Type View or Data View, and so it ensures safe and secure data retrieval before activation of the tool.

Salient features of this software:

Remo Recover retrieves data from hard drives that has crashed and fail to boot on all Mac OS X including Sierra, El Capitan Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Snow Leopard, etc. It supports different brands of portable hard drives such as Western Digital, Seagate, Transcend, Toshiba, Iomega, Buffalo, Samsung, Sony, etc. By utilizing this utility, you can retrieve files from different interfaces of hard drives such as SATA, PATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. In addition to hard drives, it is also capable enough in recovering data from pen drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, thumb drives, and other storage devices.