Learn How to Reset Computer to Factory Settings in Windows 10

Factory reset can be a preferable option if you are having issues with performance, virus attack or when you want to sell it and remove all your files, applications and other sensitive information.

However, factory reset in Windows is a little bit complicated than a tablet or smartphone but here you will learn how to factory reset your computer in an easy way. The process of factory resetting slightly varies according to the Windows versions. This is because Windows 10 perform factory reset process is quite different compared to its earlier versions.

So, let’s begin how to factory reset in Windows PC / laptop.

Factory reset in Windows 10 PC

In Windows 10, the factory reset process is pretty easy as it has an inbuilt tool for resetting a computer. Click on ‘Start’ menu and choose ‘Settings’ tab. Now type ‘reset’ in the search box and click ‘Rest this PC’. Under the ‘Recovery’ section of ‘Update & Security’, you need to click ‘Get started’ to begin the process. While doing this, you have an option to select either ‘Keep the Files’ or ‘Full reset’ option.

Factory reset a Windows 8 or 7 PC

Generally, the below explained method works for Windows 7 and earlier versions but Windows 8 PC will typically have a recovery disc which is a pretty easy way to perform a factory reset on your system.

  1. Backup all important files/folders before you proceed
  2. Restart or reboot your PC
  3. During the start-up process, click the appropriate F key or its combination based on the manufacturer to begin the recovery process

Note: List of F key to be selected based on the manufacturer:

  • Asus– F9
  • Acer– Alt + F10
  • Lenovo– F11
  • Dell/Alienware– F8
  • Sony– F10
  • MSI– F3
  • HP– F11
  • Samsung– F4
  1. Follow the onscreen instructions to restore the ‘disk image’ and wait patiently until you see a message ‘restore has finished’

After completion of above steps, Windows computer will be reset to its default factory settings. As mentioned earlier, you need to take a complete data backup before you start restoring PC to its factory settings. This is because during the process if any kind of interruption occurs, then you may end up with photo deletion. If you encounter such photo loss situation, don’t worry as you can easily restore deleted photos using Remo Photo Recovery tool. However, be cautious and don’t forget taking a backup before resetting your Windows PC / laptop.