Reasons for Solid State Drive Failure

In last few years, Solid State Drives are preferred over traditional hard drive due to various factors such as SSD consume less power, more stable and faster. But it does not mean SSDs are flawless and have no issues. As we know that there are no physical platters in SSD but it is not only responsible for hard drive failure. In case of power failure or power surge, you may lose data due to solid state drive failure.

What are the signs for Solid State Drive failure?

The solid state drive manifest various signs before failure. You can take precautionary measures to save your data under such circumstances. Let’s see the signs for SSD failure:

Corrupted Data: The files can’t open or missing from hard drive in case of SSD failure. It is one of the most usual scenarios for drive failure.

Increased Bad Sectors: It is a sector or subsection of a physical disc on the drive which is damaged and no longer responding to read and write operation. When the number of bad sectors increases then then it means you may have SSD failure in future.

Noises from Drive: The SSD and normal hard drives operates silently in the normal condition. However, the sound becomes loud when solid state drives are prone to failure. It is a clear indication to backup all important files from hard drive.

Slow Transfer Rate: It is an early sign for solid state drive failure. However, it could be an issue related to other hardware problems like RAM. But it is a wise decision to create backup all data from hard drive in such severe condition.

What steps should be taken after SSD failure?

There are few steps that help users in recovering data from SSD. Follow the below mentioned steps in order to recover data:

  1. When the performance of solid state drive is degrading or consuming more time to transfer files and folder then it is a clear to prepare backup data on external drive. In case of drive failure, you can easily replace lost data with new ones.
  2. Data recovery software can also be employed to recover files from failed hard drive. With the use of Remo Recover utility, it is easy to restore different types in simple and effective steps. Benefits of this recovery tool are mentioned below:
  • Compatible on all the versions of Windows and Mac based machine
  • Restore more than 300 files types including RAW files from different brands of cameras
  • Apart from SSD recovery, it is recovers files from memory card, USB drive, external HDD, etc.
  • Save Recovery Session is a special feature of this tool that allows user to resume recovery process.

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